1. Six hours. Six hours left.

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  2. Jo in Canada #2: Excitement.

    As you can see on the countdown clock, it’s about to happen tomorrow. My flight goes from Munich at 3.30 p.m., and I’m truly excited. I just checked the Lufthansa homepage for updates about the strikes, and they will strike… tomorrow.

    But I’m a lucky girl, the strikes will take place in Frankfurt. At the same time, I feel so damn sorry for everyone else needing a flight tomorrow.

    Nevertheless, that also means that our train drivers won’t strike at the same time airlines strike. You can see, Germany is a state where employees fought for their rights over the decades. But you can also see, they still fight. And don’t stop. It’s like queing in Englad, people say it’s a hobby, a passion. Same goes with striking in Germany. It gets on my nerves as a former sales associate. What about thinking of us? We earn almost not enough to survive here, while other companies complain about what they earn. Somehow it is ridiculous.

    Anyways. I am going to scratch my boyfriend’s lumberjack beard tomorrow and kiss his lips, and now nothing can take away the joy from me to see him. And make cheesy couple stuff together again.

    - Jo

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  4. Jo in Canada #1: Sorrows.

    Today the airline “Lufthansa” (a very old German airline, pretty expensive) announced a strike - as soon as possible the pilots want to start striking. They didn’t say anything about certain dates, but the flight on fourth of September can be affected, too. Right now it’s not sure if they really want to be on strike if it’s possible to gain a little more salary for the pilots by the labour union, but Lufthansa itself doesn’t understand their claims and they probably won’t agree. That’s what I think.

    The journey didn’t even start, but I already panic. It’s my first long-haul flight, and my first flight alone, and my first flight out of Europe where it’s normally no problem for me to go. I needed to get a passport, but fortunately no visa with the new passport. (at least for Canada). Wish us luck that the flight won’t be cancelled :( I’m worrying so much. Tomorrow I will travel to Frankfurt to see some of my friends and calm down, hopefully, while on Monday I’m going to call the airline and talk to them. ;_;

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  6. Awwww… nooo ;_;

    A friend of mine who is also in a long-distance-relationship needed to say goodbye to her girlfriend today and she’s so sad right now.

    Please girls and boys, never lose your faith and set up a date when you will meet again! So you have somethign to look forward to and work for. I believe in you! I hug you very thight.

    - Jo

  9. Natasha Bedingfield - These Words (2004)

    I love you is that okay? ;3;